Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Assignments oh Assignments

Hello people,

My mood now ? I'm kindda sad. Firstly, because I was supposed to meet up with my friends last weekend but everything turned out bad instead. When I went home, I got news that my dad was admitted because he wasn't feeling well so all my plans were cancelled but I don't care about that because my dad is MORE important than the reunion. Thank God my dad is safe now. When my dad was in the hospital, that was the time I get to see who my true friends are. Some messaged me asking about my dad and some even called and told me to update them about my dad. Thanks friends !

This week started of with a disaster. Loads of assignments by an annoying lecturer. 1500 words essay ? I asked my lecturer, "What if I run out of idea?" and her answer "There are many points. Keep searching."  Oh seriously dear lecturer, your answer helped me a lot. I stayed up the whole night just to finish that damn assignments. At 850 words, I ran out of idea. After that 850 words, I started writing rubbish which I myself don't understand. By the way, thanks dear friend Google, you never let me down and have been always there for me in times of trouble. Halfway through the essay I started laughing by myself like a mad person. I thought, " Even I don't understand this shit that I'm writing. How the heck is she gonna understand it ??" Well what I care. You want to make my life miserable, here you go.. a perfect meaningless essay.

One of my favourite lecturer advised us in class the other day. He said that he understands that this is all a great torture to us but he kept saying that this will prepare us for the future. It will make us an extraordinary teachers compared to the normal IPG teachers in the future. Okay Sir ! I take your advice and will continue this battle. 

Strive for the the best future teachers ! That's all from me .

Friday, 21 September 2012

Meet-up ?

My friend called me up this Monday and asked if we could meet up next Sunday and I was like "HELL YEAH !" . I've never meet up with this people for ages already and I'm missing them so badly .  It's been more than a year already since I last saw them . After getting this awesome news, I felt so happy and nothing made me sad the whole week . Even when someone tried to make me sad or angry, I was so happy that I didn't give a DAMN at all . I had trouble sleeping at night because I kept thinking about what I was going to wear, what to say and what would happen on that day . I went around the college sharing this happy news . I asked my friend, Shuba to polish my nails and she did it perfectly . Credits to her . Some of them even teased me saying that maybe I was going for a date because the way I acted .  I can't stop laughing thinking: Even for this, I'm THIS EXCITED, what if I was going for a date ? Oh my god, DISASTER =P I'm really hoping that everything will turn out perfectly fine . Actually, it is a surprise birthday party for my friend but we told her that its a meet-up . Oh yeahh, I also transformed into a new person because of this . I hate assignments and always do last minute work but because of this meet-up, I did all my assignments in advance and finished all even before the due date because I know I won't be having time if I do it after that.

Mood: Extremely excited and can't wait for it

That's all for now. byee n take care

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Today is just a TEST

I'm sad. 
I'm irritated. 
I'm exhausted. 
I'm tired. 
I'm angry. 
I'm heart-broken. 
I'm mad.
I'm annoyed.
I'm disappointed.
I'm resentful.
I'm miserable.
I'm boiling.
I'm powerless.
I'm upset.
I'm frustrated.
I'm crushed.
I'm offended.
I'm unhappy.

I believe God put me in this situation because He wants to teach me to be patient, extremely patient.
Thank you God for this lesson in life. Amen. :'(

Drama Queens all round us

Hey Drama Queen,
        You know what ?? I seriously have no time to entertain you and your silly drama. My life itself is like a roller coaster so I need to take care of that first but being around a person like you sometimes is like adding more stress in my life. What to do ? I feel like I'm forced to be friends with you just because I don't want to be labelled a "person who forgets all the good deeds someone did for me". The way you act is seriously getting on my f****** nerve ! Your arrogance and stubbornness is the part I hate the most. You don't like me talking to other people. So you want me to only talk to you ? Seriously ? Am I a robot or what ? Its my own right to talk to whoever on earth I want. Who are you to stop me ?
        You got angry at me for laughing with other people while you were sad. Firstly, how on earth should I know that you're sad if you didn't tell me your problem ? Secondly, it doesn't mean that if you're sad, everyone around you should be sad too. GET A LIFE !