Thursday, 14 March 2013

Procrastination should be Avoided at ALL Times

I'm well known for doing last minute works and I've been always proud of it because no matter how late I do my assignments, I will still hand-in on the due date. Well I don't have any other choice, do I ? However, there is a price I have to pay for procrastinating. I don't get to sleep early, I panic more as the clock ticks makes it harder for me to concentrate and I don't have time to eat. This happens every single time my lecturer assigns us with assignment. Usually one day before the due date, I will be doing my assignment till 3 am and I will wake up around 5 am to get ready for college. The 2 hours of sleep will turn me into a zombie and I easily lose temper.

Last month my lecturer gave us an assignment which was quite hard. The moment I heard that we had one month duration, I just ignored the assignment and watched movies and series every time I had free time. Then about 2 weeks before the due date, I saw that one of my friend have finished the assignment completely and I thought to myself - 'Why not start doing it early for once?' So I started asking her to teach and help me out with the assignment. After she taught me, I started doing it early but I still finished it one day before the due date. However, I finished it earlier and I slept early plus I had time to do other stuffs as well. I was so happy and proud of myself for starting early or else I would be rushing and panicking to finish up the assignment.

A small piece of advice to everyone out there who loves to procrastinate =

Just once.. ONCE, try doing your assignment early and TRUST me you'll never regret because you'll love the feeling of finishing it up before the due date. That's all for today. Okay hurry up, NOW go start your work !! =P


  1. Hereafter don't be a procrastinator :P

  2. Okay sure Nesamani.. Thanks for the advice . Btw nice to meet you ^^