Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Year 2013

Hey ! Its been a real long time since I updated my blog. Well holidays make me busy besides Christmas and New Year is something that I would never miss ! I had an awesome Christmas+New Year but when its time to get back to college on 7th January.... I was like "Can I have more holidaysss please ??!" But yeah life have to go on. 

I didn't like the fact that we had to start our new sem with new classmates ='( I really miss my old class"es" especially the Shellianz that I really love and adore . They were the best ! How could I ever forget the sweet memories I had with them . Winning competitions, decorating class till late at night, eating together at Mamak, watching horror movies whenever we had free time and teasing each other . 

When we have it, we will never realize what we have but when its gone, that's when we will miss it the most ! 

But God is with me always ! Eventhough I didn't like the fact that they shuffled the classes, I really love my new tablemates: Syu, Ida, Jan and Jingle . They are all caring and funny at the same time . Makes me stress-free . That doesn't mean I'll forget my ex-tablemates: Yana, Ainaa, Syafna, Zura, Azie, Tengku and Nicole who were also awesome . They all had their own speciality . 

Btw my new year resolution was to reduce fast foods so that I can lose weight . So I challenged myself not to eat fast foods for one month . And the result ?? Instead of losing weight.. I gained weight ! WTH ! Arghhhh I'm so tensed up but maybe its also because I don't exercise . My fault too . Hahaha.. whatever sometimes I don't really give a damn about my weight LOL . So that's it for now and till we meet again :  Je t'aime =) À bientôt .

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