Thursday, 20 September 2012

Drama Queens all round us

Hey Drama Queen,
        You know what ?? I seriously have no time to entertain you and your silly drama. My life itself is like a roller coaster so I need to take care of that first but being around a person like you sometimes is like adding more stress in my life. What to do ? I feel like I'm forced to be friends with you just because I don't want to be labelled a "person who forgets all the good deeds someone did for me". The way you act is seriously getting on my f****** nerve ! Your arrogance and stubbornness is the part I hate the most. You don't like me talking to other people. So you want me to only talk to you ? Seriously ? Am I a robot or what ? Its my own right to talk to whoever on earth I want. Who are you to stop me ?
        You got angry at me for laughing with other people while you were sad. Firstly, how on earth should I know that you're sad if you didn't tell me your problem ? Secondly, it doesn't mean that if you're sad, everyone around you should be sad too. GET A LIFE !

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