Friday, 21 September 2012

Meet-up ?

My friend called me up this Monday and asked if we could meet up next Sunday and I was like "HELL YEAH !" . I've never meet up with this people for ages already and I'm missing them so badly .  It's been more than a year already since I last saw them . After getting this awesome news, I felt so happy and nothing made me sad the whole week . Even when someone tried to make me sad or angry, I was so happy that I didn't give a DAMN at all . I had trouble sleeping at night because I kept thinking about what I was going to wear, what to say and what would happen on that day . I went around the college sharing this happy news . I asked my friend, Shuba to polish my nails and she did it perfectly . Credits to her . Some of them even teased me saying that maybe I was going for a date because the way I acted .  I can't stop laughing thinking: Even for this, I'm THIS EXCITED, what if I was going for a date ? Oh my god, DISASTER =P I'm really hoping that everything will turn out perfectly fine . Actually, it is a surprise birthday party for my friend but we told her that its a meet-up . Oh yeahh, I also transformed into a new person because of this . I hate assignments and always do last minute work but because of this meet-up, I did all my assignments in advance and finished all even before the due date because I know I won't be having time if I do it after that.

Mood: Extremely excited and can't wait for it

That's all for now. byee n take care

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