Thursday, 18 October 2012


Hey !
Back again !
So one of my friends from Facebook posted this which I felt was that exact same feelings which I experienced . This is what she posted :

"why must i dream about you again and again ? and this 

time,you kissed and hugged me saying that you missed me 

so much. whyyy ? :'( i felt it man.i felt the way you hugged 

and kissed me :'( dear god, if he is my faith.then, please let 

us to be together.but,if its not..please get him out of my life 

:'( "        - Nisha Rama 2012

Have you ever gone through this situation ? You just feel damn sad and confused because in real life that guy just doesn't care about you . So if he doesn't care about me.. then why on earth does he keep appearing in my dream . Not only does he appear in my dream, but he treats me like a princess and is the most romantic person ever IN MY DREAM . Having these kind of dreams make me sad because I don't know whether I should start forgetting him already or must I keep waiting for him to actually SEE me ?? God please help this child of yours =)


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    1. I dreamt of u la Nesa =P hahahaa
      btw thanks for visiting and have a nice day !