Wednesday, 17 October 2012

K-Pop Everywhere !

Heyy guys !

So what's happening currently ?
Do you guys realize that Korean songs are really getting awesome now days ?? Well I guess you all know what is the most popular Korean song currently . Yes, its OPPA GANGNAM STYLE ! There are thousands of versions of it and cover and lots more . My favourite version is : OPPA KL STYLE . Go search it on YouTube.. I'm addicted to it . The dj, Ean looks so damn cute in that video . There are many other Korean songs that also I'm addicted too . I like the one with that can make me dance and when I listen to it, I feel sooo happy ! These are my favorites :

Exo-K Mama


KL Style


Fantastic Baby, Oppa Gangnam Style, I'm the Best Mash Up

Latest: Miss A I Don't Need A Man

I'm going crazy over all this songs . Thanks to my friends who are die-hard K-Pop fans . I used to wonder whats so great about this Koreans songs but now I realize that they can make you really happy especially when you're stressed out . I love the beat and they way they dance . I'm amazed at how this Korean girls can dance so perfectly wearing those kind of high heels . If it was me... I can't imagine ! I usually listen to these songs when I'm doing my assignments cause that's when I'm so stressed up . Try listening to one of these songs and I bet you'll fall in love . I would also like to say that I can't deny : Korean guys are hot and HANDSOMEEE ! You can melt . When they dance, they are so damn flexible both the guys and girls . I would love to learn how to write and speak in Korea some day ! That's all for now . Have an awesome day with K-Pop  ! 

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