Monday, 23 April 2012

Chinese New Year at Kirkby International College

Since coming to Kirkby, there were many events held. For example, Merdeka Raya event, Deepavali event, Chinese New Year event also also the Sports Day. These events were held so that students would get to learn more about other cultures and races. It was also to build the bond between students and make students to think more creatively. I took part in all the events held without fail. The event that I really enjoyed the most is the Chinese New Year event because I enjoyed myself to the max. For this event, there were many games and competition organised by the Chinese students. The game that I liked the most was creating a Chinese New Year card and decorating the class according to the theme. My class won first prize for both the events. Well, can I say it's because of teamwork and cooperation? Certainly! Even I fell in love with my class because it was so beautiful when it was decorated with lots of red stuffs.My friend also added fragrance to make the judges feel happy and peaceful when they enter my class.

This was how my class looked like at the end.

Fake red flowers and fireworks to create the Chinese New Year feeling.

The entrance of our class.

My lovely table mates at the entrance of our class with our creatively-made Chinese New Year Card.

I really enjoyed that day. So, from a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate my class?  The moments spent with them were awesome.
There were also games held and my class won the overall competition.
The games held were Peeling and Eating the Oranges, Chinese New Year general knowledge Quiz, creating a Chinese Lantern, Fashion Design and Best Chinese Calligraphy. I was totally proud of my class when one of the students announced that A4(Shelley) is the winner!

The members of A4 that took part in the Peeling and Eating the Oranges. (From left: Fami, Arif, Kak Arisah and Kak Fiza and Above: Syafna)

The members that took part in the General Quiz. (From left: Coreen, Tulaashini, Azman, Anith and Ainaa)

The team for the Fashion Design. (From left: Kak Amanina, Liyana, Baizura, Kak Arisah and Pei Jing)

The group for Best Chinese Calligraphy. (From front: Fatin, Wabilah, Nabilah and from behind: Me(Stephanie) and Renuka-on the right) 

That's what happened on the Chinese New Year celebration event. Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead!

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