Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Shellianz ~Slow and Steady

Shellianz the BEST FOREVER

~My class video~

Hello everyone ! This would be my second post. So, now I want to share about my classmates from the college i'm currently studying in that is Kirkby International College. My class's name is A4(Shelley) named after a famous poet. I was totally nervous when I was told that my class would be A4 because I didn't really know how my classmates would be and how they would treat me. The first semester I was quiet and "obedient" because I wasn't close to any of my classmates yet. I would just sit all by myself and surf the internet while the others would be joking and playing around. Time after time I observed  and get to know everybody's character. Everyone was so sporting and most important of all FUNNY. Here I would like to confess something. I used to have some problems of my own and when I enter my class, all my problems would fly away because there would be at least one person that would crack joke every second. I really fell in love with this class. I really love the part where all of us would do assignments together and watch movies together. Totally wonderful. My classmates are not racists nor show favoritism. They are unique in a special way to me. Honestly, I totally love all my classmates. YOU ARE THE BEST SHELLIANZ ! In my heart forever and ever.... <3

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