Tuesday, 17 April 2012

~My First Time~

This is my first time creating a blog. I've seen my friends create blog and manage it but this is the first time I'm handling my very OWN blog. I took about one hour just to decide on my blog's name and also the URL. My friends kept making fun of me because I was taking a long time on deciding a name. One of my friend even said that its so hard to choose a name. Its like we are choosing a name for a new born baby. That was totally TRUE! The more and more I venture into this "blogging" activity, I find it very interesting even though I easily get lost. Its challenging too because you have to keep yourself updated. You certainly don't want to see an old, lame and boring blog spot. So I had to find ways to make my blog more interesting. I'm certainly not done yet with decorating my blog and making it even more merrier. So just wait and I'll catch up as soon as possible. Please follow me to. Thank you so much everyone ! :D

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