Sunday, 22 April 2012

! Something About Me !

Name: Stephanie Nyssa Gomez
Date of Birth: 26th November 1993
Place of Birth: Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Hobby: Dancing, Surfing the Internet, Reading Novels, Listening to Music and Exploring New Things
Ambition: Psychiatrist (but eventually landed into teaching field)

Okay, now I'm going to go into more detailed story about me!

I studied my Kindergarten and Primary school in Sepang, Selangor. When I was young I stayed in a village. My house was just behind the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). If you stay in my house, you can see airplanes every 3 minutes (timing according to my dad). i really enjoyed my childhood there because I play games that I can't play if I stay in a town area. I used to climb hills, ride bicycle in the center of the road, play hide-and-seek in the jungles. It was totally safe back then. I loved to help my mum do gardening when I was young because there was a big land space in front of my house. My brother usually brought his friends to play football there as the land was as big as a football field in primary schools. My mum has a green finger, which I really adore and wish to have. I've planted a papaya tree there before and the tree grew very big and bore a lot of fruits. I was so happy. Since I used to stay in a village last time, coming face to face with snakes and dangerous insects are normal for me. They are always there no matter where you go. The ones I hate the most are spiders. Once I saw a spider egg hatch and that was the day I really didn't like it. There were millions and billions of them in the egg. Arggggghhh! It was totally creepy! As a naughty child, its no wonder I have lots of scars on both my knees.

I had a lot of best friends when I was in primary school. They are Vivithirah, Nur Farah Anis, Muhammad Adzlan, Monisha, Lavanian, Fatin, Binazir, Geetha, Buwanah and more. There were all so kind and nice to me. There are many happy memories in that school. My teachers said that my school used to be the battle ground during the war when the Japanese came to Malaysia. Interesting but creepy. My friends said that our school toilet was haunted. Hahahaha,,,no one knows the truth tough.
My high school was also the best! More friends and most important of all they could be trusted.We used to study together after class hours and also attend the same tuition. They helped me when I'm in trouble and cheer me up when I sad. When we get together, we do all the crazy things in the world. I really love all of them. They will always remain in my heart.

Okay I look kind of weird here :D (From left: Darshini, ME, Preetini and Jey) They were always there when I'm sad and happy. Love and miss them sooo much!

Her name is Safira Soffian. The sweetest girl. 

(From left: Aqilah, Amirah, Nadia, ME, Safira) My other friend Zafirah is not in this picture. I love all this people because they can make me laugh till my stomach burst and my eyes filled with tears.

(From left: Jananie and Prasana) This two are sisters in crime. Always there to bully me and make me laugh. They also helped me in studies.

Another person, Kamal,  he can me laugh the whole day with his jokes. My best friend too.

Sorry if your picture is not here. Its either I don't have it or it looks blur.No matter what you are all the same to me. Its just that different people effect me in different parts of my life. 

Next is my life in National Service. That is the place I REALLY LOVE AND ENJOYED THE MOST. I went to National Service on 16th May 2011. I was totally nervous the first day. I really taught my life is gone. There we stayed in dorms, do rough activities and follow timetables. Our dorms are big and spacious. There were 16 of us in a dorm. I really love all my dorm mates. In national service, there were many kinds of people. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabahan and Sarawakian. We did lots of rough activities such as kayaking, marching, outdoor games, shooting and more. I soon got darker and darker no matter how much of sunblock I apply on my body. TIMETABLES SHOULD BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES, if you don't want to get into trouble. If you don't follow the timetable, you could get punished. Examples of punishment are running around the assembly site for 10 times or more, push-ups or singing in front of everyone. Embarrassing? Of course. Overall, I think NATIONAL SERVICE should be made compulsory for all because it's the best experience for a teenager on how to be disciplined.

My lovely+crazy dorm mates. At night, this dorm becomes the nosiest of all. We love each other very much!

The two person I share my secrets with at National Service. The one on the left is from Sabah while the one on the right is from Sarawak.

We always play games together and sing songs in this class.

My favourite teacher from National Service, Miss Ika.

Winnie and Audrey are crazy but funny!

BEST BUDDIES forever <3

Leaz and Chong Maey Yee <3

On the way to meet the Prime Minister.

I really love National Service and I wish I can go again !!

That's all about me for now. Bye and thanks a lot for reading about me.