Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Place to Go ? Australia !

There are many interesting places that one can visit. Different places have different specialty. Every place has got its own uniqueness. Before planning on where you would like to go, you should be able to determine what kind of place you want to visit. For me, I prefer a place which has got good scenery and more nature than buildings. Since I was young, I've always wanted to go to Perth, Australia. When I was 14, I got an extremely amazing gift from my parents that is a holiday to Australia but it wasn't to Perth but instead they said that I would be going to Melbourne. That didn't really matter to me as I was very grateful to my parents for giving me this lovely gift. The reason why I've badly wanted to go to Australia is because I've cousins living there and they always say that there are many beautiful places to visit there. They even showed me photographs. After taking a look at some of the photographs, I was totally in love with this place called Perth. Melbourne was no different from Perth. I went to Melbourne on 29th November 2007 and my parents said that I would be going there with my relative. I was also told that I would be there for one month. When I stepped into the Melbourne airport after stepping out of the plane, I really felt so happy and excited. Then when I saw Melbourne for the very first time I was thinking to myself: "Am I really in Australia or is this just a dream?". I took the full opportunity to look what's on my right and left throughout the journey to my cousin's house. I noticed that there were many farms in Australia. on the farms, there were cows, sheep and goats. 

One of the farms in Melbourne

Next, I would like to share with you the places I've visited there. Enjoy Reading everyone!

1. Melbourne Aquarium

You would love this place as it's quite similar to the Langkawi Underwater World except that the one in Melbourne is bigger than the one in Langkawi. There you can find different species of the underwater world.
There you can see sharks, penguins, stingrays, turtle and there are also many fun activities that could be done if you go there. The latest news that I got is that there is a new resident at the Melbourne Aquarium that is a 200kg Giant Grouper. Oh! I really wish I could see it right now.

Above: The structure of the building from outside
Below: Me and My Cousin (I look extremely weird in this pic...LOL)

2. Sovereign Hill, Ballarat
Sovereign Hill is an open air museum in Golden Point, a suburb of BallaratVictoriaAustralia. Sovereign Hill depicts Ballarat's first ten years after the discovery of gold there in 1851.  It is one of Victoria's most popular attractions and Ballarat's most famous attraction. I seriously can't forget my experience there !! I totally love it. I felt like I was living in the olden time. It's totally worth it. The site comprises over 60 historically recreated buildings, with costumed staff and volunteers, who are able to answer questions and will pose for photos. The recreation is completed with antiques, artwork, books and papers, machinery, livestock and animals, carriages and devices all appropriate to the era. I spent my whole day there. I didn't have the heart to leave the place as I really loved it and wish to learn more about the place. 

My Cousins and I posing for photo with a costumed staff.

The Gold Smelting Works

Sovereign Hill

This is where people mine for Golds

3. Orbost

Orbost is a town situated in Victoria, Australia. Its also situated 375 km east of Melbourne.  It's a very beautiful town filled with nature. Before going to Orbost, you should stop by at Lakes Entrance. You won't regret. Trust me! Lakes Entrance is a tourist resort and fishing port. You can stand at the side of a road and look at the beautiful scenery of Lakes Entrance. In Orbost, you can go for horse rides and just walk around. These would be the two best things to do there. It is a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

The motel that we stayed. Totally comfortable and lovely.

I also went for horse ride.

The view of Lakes Entrance from the highest point.

4. The Yarra River

The Yarra River is surrounded by tall buildings. The water is so clear and clean that I felt like swimming there but of course no one is allowed to swim there because the water is very deep. While walking across the bridge, you can enjoy the scenery. While I was walking along the bridge, I also noticed there are flags of all the countries there. The Malaysian flag is also one of them of course. I was so proud to see my country's flag high up. 

The Yarra River, Melbourne

There are also other places that I visited there but for now these are the best among the others. I hoped you really like it. You should put Melbourne in your must-visit-place. Trust me and you won't regret. I truly enjoyed my trip there and wish I can visit Melbourne again. 

That's all from me. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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